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awakening a

better you

we listen, we care

awakening a

better you

we listen, we care

Our difference

At Awaken Health and Wellness Studio, you are our number one priority. We care about your story, what you’ve gone through in the past and how we can help you in a way that you feel supported and understood. We have a collaborative approach across all of our services so that you get the best care possible along with the best outcomes. We provide a relaxing space for you to seek our services, allowing you to switch off and unwind from your busy life. Welcome to Awaken Health and Wellness Studio.

Our Services

We understand that one style of treatment doesn’t fit everyone, so we have a range of services on offer to assist you in getting the support you’re looking for. Whether that is the movement and strengthening that yoga can provide, or the stillness and total relaxation you can experience during a float, we’ve got you covered.

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Chiropractic aims to improve the movement and function of your neuromusculoskeletal systems. In short, we help your brain and body to function the way it’s designed to.

Float Therapy

One of our favourites! Float Therapy is designed to remove all of the sensory ‘chatter’ that our brain is constantly having to deal with. Pure relaxation and recovery awaits you. Currently, we are the only location in the western suburbs of Adelaide offering floatation therapy.


Currently yoga is not available within our studio. We highly recommend Eclipse Yoga and The Dock Studios for all your yoga needs.


Whether you are looking for remedial, relaxation or women’s health massage, our team can help you to unwind and reduce tension through the body. Our massage therapists are equipped with a range of techniques to help you feel your best.


Reiki is a form of energetic healing that works to balance and promote flow through the body’s energy centres (chakras) to promote well-being.

Studio Hire

Our beautiful studio is currently hired full time and as such we are not taking any studio hire bookings. We recommend Pillar of Light, Eclipse Yoga and The Dock Studios for all your studio hire needs.

Work within our space

Are you looking for a beautiful, calm and serene location to look after your clients? Get in touch to see what availability we have in our spacious treatment rooms.

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