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Here at Awaken Health and Wellness Studio, we’re all about helping you find and achieve your ideal picture of health. We want you to experience treatment options that you enjoy and that provide great results for you. We make sure that you understand your treatment options and are receiving care that you feel safe, comfortable and at-ease with.

We have created our space thoughtfully and with the intention of welcoming you to a calm and peaceful state of being. Our aim is for Awaken Health to be somewhere you can come to rest, relax and feel nurtured.


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Often thought of as ‘cracking backs’, Chiropractic is sometimes seen as a ‘rough’ approach to relieving pain. We are here to show you otherwise! Chiropractic is all about restoring proper movement and function to your spine and pelvis in particular, to create better mobility and stability through the body. Along with this, we are aiming to reduce the stress placed on the nervous system so that your body can self-regulate and be in a calmer state.

Our approach is to do this in a relaxing yet effective way so that you walk out of your adjustments feeling lighter, freer, and more at ease. From hands-on adjusting through to utilising different tools and techniques, we aim to help remove stress from your body and give you some tools to achieve better function through your neuromusculoskeletal systems (nervous system, muscles, and skeleton).

We also offer Chiropractic for babies and children, which looks a lot different than Chiropractic for adults! If you have questions about how Chiropractic could support you and your family, feel free to give us a call and we can answer your questions.

Float Therapy

Float therapy is growing as a treatment option here in Adelaide. Also known as ‘sensory deprivation therapy’, float therapy aims to remove all of the sensory input into our nervous system to allow a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. It also allows our body to completely relax and decompress due to the anti-gravity environment. Float therapy has been shown to aid in sports recovery along with reducing the symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD and is great to recover from sleep deprivation.

It involves floating weightlessly in water that is heated to skin temperature and saturated with magnesium salts. Pure relaxation that takes you away from your to-do lists and into a state of pure bliss!

Single Float
3-Float Pack
5-Float Pack
10-Float Pack
Frequent Floater*
Platinum Membership**
Gold Membership**

Floats are 60 minutes duration. Please allow 80-90 minutes for your appointment.

*Frequent Floater pass is a 3-Float pass with a 6-week expiry from date of first use.

**Corporate Memberships and Health practitioner discount available. Contact us for further information.


Remedial massage by Yasmin Tang from ‘Wellness for me’ focuses on all things women’s health including fertility, pain relief from endometriosis, PCOS & other reproductive concerns as well as pregnancy massage to keep you comfortable during pregnancy and prepare for birth and beyond. Yasmin is also trained in infant massage, teaching you the tools to provide at-home care for your little one. Contact Yasmin on 0411 833 714 to discuss your women’s health needs.
Remedial massage by Caitlin Hunter from ‘Realign Wellness’ focuses on utilising Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). This gentle yet powerful massage technique can help reduce swelling, promote detoxification and boost your overall wellbeing as well as reduce general aches and pains. Contact Caitlin on 0422 326 249 to discuss how MLD could support you.

Wedding & Event Floristry

Have you got an upcoming event where you want your flowers to be a stand out addition? Alanna and her team at The Gathered Bunch are here to make all of your flower dreams come true. Give Alanna a call on 0448 844 031.

Beauty & Make-Up

Jo from Revive Beauty & Tanning is here for all of your beauty needs. From facials, IPL and tanning, to brow & lash treatments and hair & make up, Jo has you sorted. You can contact Jo on 0405 508 524 to discuss how she can help you achieve your skin goals.

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